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ギター弾き始め The first guitar practicing day of the year

他に、映画「短くも美しくも燃え」(1967年、スウェーデン映画)で使われたピアノ協奏曲21番(1785、W. A. モーツアルト、も今年の私たちの課題曲です。
I have written the fingerings of the 1st part in the music note of Sunflower (, the theme music for the TV drama whose setting place was our city of Onomichi) and made the first practice this year. (I used to play the 3rd part up to now) This music is one the 7 music tunes we work on this year as a classic guitar quintet in Onomichi city where I was born.
Besides this, we are to play Mozart Piano Concerto No. 21 (1785, W. A. Mozart),, used in the Swedish movie of Elvira Madigan in 1967.