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きょういく と きょうよう  Kyoiku and Kyoyo in Japanese

数か月前に知人から、そして先日は民放テレビ番組で、年配者には「きょういく と きょうよう」が大切だと教わり、漢字で書くと「教育と教養」のことだろうと勝手に解釈ししました。しかし、よく説明を聞くとその意味するところは「今日行くところ と 今日用じがある」とのことでした。納得するとともに前期高齢者(65 – 74歳)の私には不可欠なことだと悟りました。

Kyouiku means education and Kyoyo culture in English. Many of us know that both of them are important. But what they meant in the TV program was not that education and culture are important. 
The former sounds “kyo- iku” in Japanese, meaning that today I have some places to to go. The latter sounds “kyo-yo”, meaning I have things to do in English. So what they meant was that both of them, places to go and things to do, are absolutely necessary for the aged. That is the case with me as one of the young-old generation (65 – 74).