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英語教育の現状・実情 Present actual situation of English education in Japan


The newspaper article in Japanese says that only 53% of the Japanese English teachers in high schools and 28% in Junior high schools meet the English language ability level requested by Ministry of Education. The English skill level is to have 730 points or more in TOEIC or to have the certificate of the pre-first grade or the first grade of Eiken. I am very much worried about this situation because Japan is now trying to introduce English education into primary schools as well. 
This means that the re-education of English for the Japanese English teachers is needed. In addition to it, I wonder why the Japanese English teachers do not ask for help to other eligible Japanese people out of Education filed or the small closed society of teachers.
I have been trying to change the situation since as many as more than decades ago by presiding the free English Speaking Society under the qualification of 835 points in TOEIC and an English examiner of the nationwide English proficiency test, but not much has been changed for better. 
The foreign English teachers hired as assistant English teachers should be also requested to have the same level of Japanese language silks, of course.