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永遠の 0 Eien no 0 (Everlasting zero)

映画「永遠の 0」を見ました。私の伯父は27歳で妻と子供を残して戦死しましたので戦争によって引き起こされた極度に深い悲しみを伴ったその別離に思いをはせずにこの映画を見ることはできませんでした。同時に、戦後から現代にいたる安易で利己的な別離の多さに別の悲しみを感じます。
I watched the movie titled Eien no 0. One of my uncles was killed at his age of 27, leaving his wife and child and I could not see the movie without thinking of their separation with extremely deep sadness caused by the war. At the same time, I feel another kind of sadness against the many cases of separation for the selfish and easy reasons up to now since the end of the war.