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なりすまし詐欺(振り込め詐欺)防止装置開発と無償技術協力 Anti-bank transfer scam devie development and free technology transfer cooperation


Anti-bank transfer scam device development and free technology transfer cooperation: 

A few weeks ago I got called by a certain company that has been developing the devices to prevent bank transfer scams. They want to use the switching technology using the telephone line net of my own development. I answered that they can use my technology for nothing because it contributes to solve the big social problem today. 

It is my idea that the technologies regarding human life, environment protection and social problem solution should not be monopolized to make them contribute to the humankind and our society more widely. Then my own development of the switching technology using the telephone line net has been possible to be transferred for nothing. Up to now three other companies have used this technology for their product development.