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実態の無視? Neglect of the real situation?

文部科学省は高卒者が目指す英語の能力を英検準一級(TOEIC 730点レベル)合格と発表しました。一方、人事院は国家公務員総合職受験者(大卒)が英検準一級(TOEIC 730点レベル)合格を申告すれば25点を成績に加点するとのこと。
The Education Ministry has announced that Japanese high school students should try t o pass the pre-first grade English proficiency test (730 score of TOEIC). On the other hand, the National Personnel Authority has revealed that the university graduates who take the exam for the National Public Service (main career track) can add 25 points if they have passed the pre-first grade English proficiency test (730 score of TOEIC). 
It must be a joke to request high Japanese school students t o get the pre-first grade English proficiency (730 score of TOEIC). It is just a desk theory neglecting the real situation judging from my own experience as a English proficiency test examiner for more than 25 years.