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衣類の延焼防止方法、化学はロマン(4) Fire spread prevention on cloths, , a dreamful chemistry (4)

In 1970s, many American children wearing pajamas made of man-made fibers got burned or died because of the fire accidents. To prevent the recurrence, I though of applying the fire spread prevention idea to this case. I had heard that in the forest fire, they cut down the trees ahead of the fire to stop it. Of course, my chemistry-based idea is not as visible as the real fires because it is a story in the molecular and atom world, but the image is the same. Some polymer chains can be broken by heat radicals (active radicals) generated by fire on the cloths, which leads to stopping the fire spread. If we use this kind of polymers for textile processing, the cloths can be fireproofed. This idea of mine had been proved correct and applied to the industrial textile printing.