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昨日の尾道無料英会話道場 Free Onomichi ESS of yesterday

昨日、10月10日はスカイプゲストにアメリカ在住の外科医Dr. Sarnoを迎えましたが、ネットの接続状態不良のため15分ほど中断を余儀なくされました。
We had a retired surgen, Dr. Sarno living in USA as a Skype guest yesterday on October 10, but the meeting was forced to stop for about 15 minutes due to the unfavorable internet connecting condition. 
The topic at the meeting was “Mother language and English”. Since English has been in daily use together with Tagalog in the Philippines he is from, it seems to be widely accepted just as one of the languages they use, not a special foreign language. This topic of “Mother language and English” continues a few more times.Furthermore, we ESS members recalled an international medical doctor, who used to join this ESS meetings when young and now makes round trips between Belgium and Japan every month. His mother, a member of this ESS, introduced the situation where they can naturally manage some languages besides their mother language.