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音楽の秋、トレモロ奏法 The best season for music, tremolo

トレモロ奏法を使った有名なギター曲の一つが「アルハンブラ(宮殿)の思い出」(、演奏:Ms. Kyuhee Park (朴 葵姫 パク・キュヒ)です。
Three and a half years have passed since I re-started playing the classic guitar after a long absence of about 40 years. 
Now at last I feel like practicing tremolo again. 
It needs temporal patience to resume things we learned when young, but the practice or experience is no waste at all.
One of the famous guitar plays with tremolo is Recuerdos de la Alhambra(、Played by Ms. Kyuhee Park).