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NHK・Eテレ 全国放送「団塊スタイル」で紹介されます! Nationally televised introduction of my music life on NHK educational channel

日時: 2013年9月20日(金)、午後8時~8時45分 (司会:国井雅比古、風吹じゅん)
なお、参考ですが、NHKによる過去二回の紹介報道動画は以下に掲載しています。 /おはよう日本(1996.08.23) /お好みワイド広島(2007.01.10)

Date & Time: September 20th (Friday) 20:00 – 20:45
The senior generation who are enjoying music life, how they are enjoying it and the needs for them are to be shown on the program on NHK educational channel, in which my music life is going to be shown in a short time. Please enjoy watching it a week later.
Just for your information, the two TV coverages of myself by NHK in the past have been uploaded at the followings sites.