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プロとアマの間の見えない障壁 Invisible barrier between the professional and the amateur

教員免許を持たないプロ野球経験者がアマチャの選手を指導しやすくなったようです。(写真記事) 教員免許による強固で高く、見えない異常な障壁が低くなり、選手と指導者の両方に良いことだと思います。この考えが音楽、語学、技術家庭教育分野などにも早く適用されることを希望します。
It is reported that the former professional baseball players can instruct the amateur players without teachers’ license.(Attached article) This means that the strong, high, abnormal and invisible barrier the teachers’ license has been lowered. That should be beneficial to both parties. I hope the same idea will soon be applied to the education fields of music, language, industrial arts and homemaking.