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常識と非常識 Common knowledge and Anti common knowledge








As all of you know that no animal, no plants, no machine, no equipment grows or works without energy, which is a common knowledge.

But SOD (picture) works without any power when monitoring or working though it is against the common knowledge.

Then zero power consumption by a SOD plus zero power consumption by the connected machine like a fax machine makes only zero.

This is the very point I would like all of you to know.

It is quite easy to stop power consumption of electric appliances like a fax machine or other machines if they use the power saving device that consumes power all the time, But it is not the case with SOD.

In this point, SOD is very different from other power saving devices.

As a developer of SOD, I would like you to understand this innovative part or aspect of SOD technology, which is that SOD consumes no power when monitoring (working to detect) the signal through the telephone line.

That's why SOD has received "Energy Saving Award" and NTT employed the SOD technology.