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水戸黄門 Mito Komon

It is a newly added piece for Alhambra Guitar Club ( and one of more than a dozen guitar music pieces focused on group practice. Guitar playing can be enjoyed in a large and small groups as well as solo in many kinds of music. Please join us if you like.
Mito Komon is the nickname of Tokugawa Mitsukuni, who was a lord of Mitohan, a feudal domain of East Japan, in the early Edo period. He is very famous as a hero of a fictitious story that he secretly travelled all over Japan with his subordinates, Sukesan and Kakusan, in order to make the society better. Originally invented in the late Edo period, the story was later adapted into various kinds of entertainments including traditional story-telling, Kabuki, modern plays, novels, TV drama, Managa, and Anime. Among them the most famous was the TV program entitled Mitokomon, which was broadcasted for more than 40 years. Nowadays almost all Japanese know the name of Mito Komon through this TV program. (Adapted from Japanese English Institute)