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福山発明研究会 Invention Study Group in Fukuyama

⑤国際アカデミー in 福山:70数カ国からの代表と国内各地からのJC代表が一堂に会し今月5日から12日に福山JCの企画、主催でこのフォーラムが行われていたこと、そこに多くの通訳ボランティアが協力して所期の成果をあげたことなどを紹介しました。(添付写真はあるセッションの一コマです。)
Today we had a monthly regular meeting, where I introduced the following 5 items I have seen or heard and experienced in the past few months as the possible hints for the members regarding manufacturing, invention and business deployment. 
①Free English training room in Onomichi: TV coverage was shown to attract more possible participants from now on. 
②Fluid casting of wood: Some members have already known about this technology as an epoch-making one. But further more information was added by one of our members, who is a specialist in woods and a Doctor of Agriculture.
③Man-made spider’s thread: I made a general explanation on the differences in physical properties based on their molecular structures between the silk thread and the spider’s thread both are made of the same protein of fibroin. We could share the natural wonder. 
④Plastic synthesizing using carbon dioxide gas in the air: The comment by Professor Negishi, Nobel Prize winner, in Purdue University, USA reminded me of the son of my friend’s in USA who happens to work in the same university. So I introduced this topic to the members. 
⑤JCI Acadmey in Fukuyma: I introduced this forum was held in Fukuyma from July 5th through July 12th with the foreign delegates from about 70 countries and about the same number of Japanese ones from many JCs all over Japan. And also made it clear that this Academy was successfully planned and carried out by JC Fukuyama with many volunteer interpreters. (The attached picture shows one scene during a certain session)