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蜘蛛の糸の合成 Man-made spider's thread


















このニュースはマスコミで多く報じられています。例えば、 , です。
This has got a lot of media coverage recently such as , . 
The news hooks are its amazing strength and the establishment of synthesizing technology. 
Though both the spider and silk fibers are made of a protein of fibroin, there is a big difference in their strength, which even I can presume is due to the difference between their molecular structures. 
What is important is that both of them are produced by the natural super ecological technologies born by necessity in nature. In other words, human being would achieve their goals using a lot of energy under the high temperature and the high pressure. But spiders or silk warms use only the room temperature and the atmospheric pressure with mush less energy and the common materials around them. 
There may be as many points as the number of animals and plants in nature for us human being to learn from.