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尾道ESS、6月第一回例会終了 The first regular meeting of Onomichi ESS finished

本日午前の例会も登録者全員の参加で無事終了しました。スカイプゲストとしてのアメリカ・インディアナ州から元外科医のR. Sarnoとの話は日米の緊急医療、保険制度でした。

The first regular meeting of Onomichi ESS was finished successfully this time as well with all the registered members attended. 
Mr, Res Sarno, a retired surgeon, as a Skype guest and we talked on the emergency medicare and the insurance system. 
Furthermore he gave us some pieces of advice on how to prevent diabetes and how to watch the stroke diseases in our daily life. 
The coverage by OCTV will be on the air next week and the same guest will show up in August.