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英語の資格(1)、TOEIC TOEIC, English qualification (1)

ご存知の通り、トーイックはTest of English for International Communicationの略です。2010年度は120ヶ国で実施され、日本では2011年度に227万人が受験しています。私は1991年に一回だけ受験し、持点は835点です。ただ、持点よりも毎日の継続的学習とその応用、練習の方が大切だと思います。
As is known, it stands for Test of English for International Communication. The test was conducted in 120 countries in 2010 and 2.27 million people in Japan took this test in 2011. I took this test only once and have kept 835 points. Rather than the points we get, it is more important to continue learning everyday and to put it into practical use.