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尾道大学・特別講義「英語でコミュニケーションを行うには?」 2013.08.38





 For 3 consecutive years, I am to give a special lecture titled “To communicate in English” at Onomichi City University the day after tomorrow on August 8th .It would be my great pleasure if my lecture could be of any help for the students now studying in the age of English skills being precondition of their surviving or it being quite natural to have English skills in the globalized world.

 Attached is a picture of the special lecture I gave yesterday on “To communicate in English” at Onomichi City University. ( I went into among the students several times, but no pictures showing them are taken.)

 After finishing the lecture, I seeked a way to make my contribution to the local University in our city and have made a modest proposal for making the University a super global University.