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エアコンの節電量(料) Air conditioner power saving volume and charge


省エネ大賞受賞技術開発の軌跡 (32)

第1章  もったいない無駄と必要な無駄

1.5.4 リモコン家電の待機消費電力と節電方法 (2023.10.01 – 追記) エアコンの節電量(料)、及び待機電力削減技術の歴史





Trajectory of Energy Conservation Grand Prize-winning Technology Development (32)

Chapter 1 Wasteful Waste and Necessary Waste

1.5.4 Standby power consumption of remote-controlled appliances and power saving methods (2023.10.01 - Added) Air conditioner power saving volume and

             history of standby power reduction technologies

    Total annual energy savings: 3.74 billion kWh,

Total annual electricity savings in yen: 134.6 billion yen

     (Only in case of air conditioners in Japan)