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年金不安と国内不動産投資 Concerns about pension and domestic real estate investment


It may be one of the ways to live a little better life money-wise after retirement because the credit in pension has been shaken.
The investing purpose is to get the house rent income. This investment has no risk caused by the exchange rate change and it is easier to get the bank loan because of it being the domestic investing.
But there are some risks such as vacant rooms, repair expense, how to interact with the occupiers.
Furthermore we need money of our own financing, money management ability, good personal connections and so on.
Judging from my own experience, the real-estate agents merely introduce occupiers so that our own marketing efforts and human network are indispensable.
As a cardinal rule of success we should not start it for tax purposes but for response to supply demand balance.
If we start the investment for tax purposes, it wills not us but the builders that can be happy.