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独自性を大切に  Value of identity

先日、テレビでチベット関連の番組を見て、チベット文化圏では大切な友人・知人の送迎の際やお寺の参拝、高僧の謁見、 誕生日や結婚式等の際に心からの敬意を込めてこのカタを相手に渡す習慣があることを思い出しました。
Tibetan scarf, katag:
The Tibet related TV program I watched the other day reminded me of that in the Tibetan culture region, they present the scarf with the sincere respect for their good friends, high-ranked priests, or Buddha statues in the temples. 
The scarfs are long, shiny and see-through, but not for a fashion purpose.
I was draped the scarf around my neck when I visited a certain company in Sichuan Province in China.
The picture taken at that time shows Tibetan language written with Chinese behind us insists their Tibetan identity.