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技術と英語、ロボット国際大会2020に向けて Technologies and English in preparation for World Robot Summit in 2020

“今年は、ロボカップ世界大会が愛知県であり、途切れることなく、2020年に開催されるのWorld Robot Summit(ロボット国際大会、…/2016/12/20161202001/20161202001.html )に向けて様々なイベントも起こってゆくはずです。ロボットは融合技術ですから、これにより、恐らく、様々な分野で技術と英語の接点がうんと身近になると想像します。”
When I was working at the research institute of TOYOBO, we had to read the overseas technologically specialized magazines as they were to get the information and to make the confirmatory study earlier than others.
The other day, I got the following comment from a university professor studying the robot technology.
“We have World RoboCup in Aichi Prefecture this year, which is followed by many events one after another and World Robot Summit in 2020 (, where both technologies and English are indispensable since the robot needs the combined technologies, I suppose.” 
 As the professor pointed out, it goes without saying that English skills are necessary at any international exhibition to have the meaningful information exchange and the mutual communication among the participants.
I would be happy to do what little I can.