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10月のギター演奏10月のギター演奏           Guitar performance in October


①涙そうそう(BIGIN)、②初恋(作曲:越谷達之介)、③Let it be(ビートルズ)
①秋桜(さだまさし)、②ラ・マラゲーニア(P. Glindo)、③雪の降る街を(中田喜直)

Thanks to the recovered good health, I can perform the guitar playing with two friends (trio) on October 1st. In case that one of us can’t play, we also have prepared a duo program.
*Trio program:
1. Nada Sōsō (I drown in my own tears, BIGIN). 2. Hatsukoi (first love, T. Koshitani).

3. Let it be (Beatles)
*Duo program:
1. Cosmos (M. Sada), 2. La Malaguena (P. Glindo),

3. Yuki no furu machi wo (in the snowing town, Y. Nakata),   
I have now been practicing the guitar without physical problems since April.

I was in the hospital for 3 weeks due to my acute pancreatic inflammation last October after I had a similar music concert at the same place followed by my cholecystectomy in February this year.