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ギター課題曲 Guitar practicing tunes

① ラ・マラゲーニア(P. Glindo)、②秋桜(さだまさし)、

Guitar practicing tunes:
We, a guitar trio, have now been practicing the following 6 tunes of music toward the beginning of October.
1. La Malaguena (P. Glindo), 2. Cosmos (M. Sada), 
3. Nada Sōsō (I drown in my own tears, BIGIN), 
4. Let it be (Beatles), 
5. Yuki no furu machi wo (in the snowing town, Y. Nakata), 
6. Hatsukoi (first love, T. Koshitani)
We have only 4 times of practice in a group by then. I wonder if it is enough or not.

Personally I have one or two hour long practice a day. It is necessary and important for my work-life balance.