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ギターのグループ練習 Guitar playing practice in a group

①短くも美しく燃え (4重奏)②小さな木の実(3重奏)③鞆の詩(3重奏)④秋桜(コスモス、2重奏、さだまさし)⑤涙そうそう(2重奏)⑥カヴァレリア・ルスカティカーナの間奏曲(4重奏)⑦海に来たれ(4重奏)⑧初恋(2重奏)⑨ラ・マラゲーニャ(2重奏)⑩雪の降る街を(2重奏)
I feel very happy with the practice in a group again in February because I could not make it for about 4 months for my personal reason. We have 10 music tunes we work on in a group in this year of 2016. To share the time with the like-minded friends is especially good though I want to practice playing solo or playing with other instruments.