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相変わらず低い評価 Low evaluation continues








The learning achievement of English among the 9th graders in Japan has been revealed and no improvement has been seen. The main causes of this low achievement have been attributed to ①no good English education system in Japan, ②teachers’ low ability,

③students’ low appetite for learning and

④poor educational environment at home.
From my point of view as a 28 year long examiner for the second-stage oral English proficiency test, there is some improvement in their achievement in English learning, but it is not what the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has long expected. 
We can’t expect the Ministry or scholars to improve the situation markedly.
The preschoolers and the primary school students can pick up English if they watch their favorite foreign TV programs in English for one or two hours a day. For the junior or senior high school students, it is up to them because they should learn English hard if they judge it is necessary. They can learn English wherever they are by using the radio, TV programs and/or the internet learning systems in today’s Japan.