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エーゲ海クルーズの旅 Trip on a cruise ship in the Aegean Sea

This is not my own experience, but a lady’s of Onomichi ESS members. 
In the 1st Onomichi ESS regular meeting (on November 14th), she made her presentation on the cruising trip with her husband last month using many beautiful pictures. They made reservations of 12 night cruising with full board by themselves on the Internet about a year ago and it cost them $2,700 for the two (without the traveling fee between Japan and cruise site). She said the cruising with many nationalities with few Japanese people was very pleasant and meaningful. Their travel story was wonderful to share. 
In the next 2nd Onomichi ESS regular meeting (on November 28th), one of the members who enjoyed staying in Hawaii with his family recently for 2 weeks is to make his presentation. 
Please feel free to join Onomichi ESS regular meetings.