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2019 まとめ Summary

2019年09月12日 (ESS-M, No.131)


September 12, 2019 (ESS-M, No.131)
It started at 10:30 as usual.
Today’s meeting in English was emceed by the oldest member in her eighties using the article titled “Dementia- A Growing Worldwide Health Problem”.
The learning sessions in the evening are held on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays every month and the youngest ever MC in August was in his 3rd grade.
Anyone is welcomed to join us.

2019年09月07日(ESS-E, No.015)



September 7, 2019 (ESS-E No.15)

The 1st evening meeting was emceed by Mr. Kurotobi using the article titled 'Beefing up the government's disaster response'.

The Government should cope with the major disasters that happened continuously all over Japan since the March 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and the ones that will occur in the future. 

2019年08月17日(ESS-E, No.014)


August 17, 2019  (ESS-E, No.14)
What is Japanese national cuisine? :
Mr. Noel Russell emceed the free English learning session at 19:00 on August 17. He has been a professional chef and worked in Europe and USA for a long time.
He used the following article for his presentation this time.…/20190805-does-this-schnitzel-define-vi… 
Thanks to his explanation of schnitzels that have been a notional cuisine in Austria and Germany areas, we could understand cooking is a culture.
Simply speaking it is like ‘ton-katsu’ in Japan.
He asked all of us what the Japanese national cuisine is and our answers were sushi, noodles including buckwheat noodles or ramen, rice with curry and so on. 
My answer to his question was rice balls and he agreed to my idea because they are folksy, historically old, and simple, less expensive, portable, stored and so on. 
According to him, many people have the image that it is sushi when it comes to Japan, but it is high-end and far from a Japanese cuisine.

2019年08月03日(ESS-E, No.013)



Wake Up, America- Here's Why Soccer Is The World's Best Sport


August 03, 2019 (ESS-E, No.13)
A 3rd grader MC for Free English Learning Society in Onomichi:
A soccer-loving bilingual boy made his debut as the youngest ever MC at the regular English learning session on August 3rd (Saturday).

The topic for the meeting he had chosen was the following one.

Wake Up, America- Here's Why Soccer Is The World's Best Sport 
All the participants were surprised at his knowledge and experience on soccer and talked further about football and 
Kemari (ancient football game of the Imperial Court). 

The pleasant meeting was finished by thanking him for his MC role.

2019年07月25日 (ESS-M, No.130)


July 25, 2019 (ESS-M, No.130)
‘High-profile gold scam hurts Kenya’s UAE ties and highlights wider legal problems’ was what the young lady in her teens, who lived in Switzerland for a few years, chose as a talking topic for Free English Learning Society today on July 25th (Thursday).
Many problems African countries have now are from the colonialism by European countries and much more time should be needed to solve them, I am afraid. 
Japan has been helping them by hosting TICADs every 5 years though.
Just for your information, we will have the youngest ever MC, who is a 3rd grade bilingual boy, in the evening session on August 3rd.

2019年07月20日(ESS-E, No.012)




Should Coffee Bars Be in Schools?

This was what we talked about in the Free English Learning Society in Onomichi on July 20th (Saturday).
The United States dairy industry now explores new ways to get people to drink milk for a health reason. One method it is testing: helping to set up coffee bars in U.S. high schools.Coffee seems to be no recommendable drink for children because of the contained caffeine in USA and Japan.

For further information about the topic, please have a look at the following article.

2019年07月11日 (ESS-M, No.129)

スマートフォン決済 サービス:

Smartphone payment service :
“Seven-Eleven mobile payment users lose money by unauthorized access.”wais the discussion theme at the regular meeting of Free English Learning Society, Onomichi.
The material was prepared by Mr. Yokoyama, one of the members, who is familiar with electronic technologies. He emceed the session as well.

One of the members from USA showed his own security measurements, which made clear the difference between USA and Japan. 
We had another new member this time while we had two new members for the evening course the other day.

2019年07月06日(ESS-E, No.011)



July 06, 2019 (ESS-E, No.011)

Synchronized relationship between human beings and dogs:
A study report, in which it says dogs can feel their owners’ stress, too, was our reading and discussion material for the evening course of Free English learning session. 
I prepared the material and emceed the meeting with two new members joined.
We also talked about the cats as pets, how usefully the dogs works for us and the dogs that apeared on TV, films and cartoons as well.

2019年06月27日 (ESS-M, No.128)


June 27, 2019 (No. 128)
12 Life Lessons From Aesop:
This is what we discussed about at today’s session in the morning for Onomichi Free English Learning Society. 
The meeting is emceed by Mr. Matsuura in his late 70s, who not only attends the regular meetings but eagerly self-studies at home almost every day, making a steady and great progress day by day. 
As you know, the Aesop’s Fables have the well-known stories such as ‘The Fox and the Grapes’, ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’, ‘The North Wind and the Sun’, ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’, ‘The Ant and the Grasshopper’ and so on.

2019年06月015日(ESS-E, No.010)




1. 動物園は種の保存に大切ですか。

2. 動物園は教育的ですか。

3. 動物園で動物たちは安全ですか。

4. 動物園で動物たちは幸せですか。

5. 解決策は何でしょう。

June 15, 2019 (Ess-E, No.010)

Are Zoos Good or Bad?

This was the title of the reading and discussing material prepared by Mr. Kurotobi who emceed the learning session.

What do you say about the following questions? 

1. Are zoos important for conservation?

2. Are zoos educational?

3. Are animals safe in zoos?

4. Are animals happy in zoos?


5. What’s the solution?

2019年06月13日 (ESS-M, No.127) 




June 13, 2019 (No. 127)
Is Climate Change Making You Sneeze More?
This was what we discussed about today.

I had prepared the discussion material as a MC because that is what I felt myself.
We check how seriously the climate change brings the increase of allergens using the research result by United States Department of Agriculture.
We talked that the allergens are not only the natural substances like tree pollen but also the air pollutant substances from China.

We had a new young lady who had spent 3 years in Swiss as a student as well as other 7 regular members. (2 were absent.)   

2019年06月01日(ESS-E, No.009)



June 01, 2019 (ESS-E, No.009)

Because of my personal reason, I could not join the session.

The material for reading and discussion was as followed. 

2019年05月18日 (ESS-E, No.008)

2019年05月23日 (ESS-M, No.126) 


May 18, 2019 (ESS-E, No.008)

May 23, 2019 (ESS-M, No.126)
Discrimination in the sporting world:
It is a controversial issue all over the world, which was taken up by the Washington Post and on air on BBC radio the other day on May 21.
What is the reason why the inborn physical constitution of Ms. Caster Semenya has been questioned and Mr. Michael Fred Phelps not?
The both are great Olympic gold medalists. 
This clearly remaining problem of discrimination was discussed at Free English Learning Society in Onomichi today on May 23.
The material was prepared by Mr. Noel Russell from USA, who emcees the session as well, and it was the same one used at the evening session on May 18.

2019年05月09日(ESS-M, No.125) 


May 9, 2019 (ESS-M, No.125)
10 Benefits of a Good Night's Sleep:
This was our talking theme at Free English Learning Society today on May 9th.
Ms. Kudo, chose it for the other members as a MC. 
She has been a pharmacist, the oldest member in her 80s and an indispensable presence for our English Speaking Society.
Besides her thought-provoking remarks on how to maintain good health from the medical view point and/or her long life experience, each member showed their consciousness to health and how to keep good health by themselves.


2019年04月25日(ESS-M, No.124)



April 25, 2019 (ESS-M, No.124)
‘Japan's famed convenience stores look to cut opening hours amid labor shortage.’ was today’s discussion theme in English at Free English Learning Society in Onomichi on April 25.

We talked about whether the convenience stores are 'necessary infrastructure' or not as well as the rigid immigration policy by the Japanese Government. 
It has been said that the convenience store owners can’t be with their parents when they pass away.
It has been also reported that it may violate the antitrust laws for the headquarters one-sidedly not to admit to cutting the opening hours of the franchise stores.

2019年04月20日(ESS-E, No.007)



April 20, 2019 (ESS-E, 007)

Today we discussed about the school uniform using the reference at

Many of Japanese members understand the merits of the school uniform, feeling a cultural difference the American member who put importance on individuality or identity has.

2019年04月11日(ESS-M, No.123)




April 11, 2019 (ESS-M, No. 123)
Japan gov't to make charging for plastic shopping bags mandatory:
This is a discussion theme for Free English learning session in Onomichi today on April 11.
The material in English has been prepared by Mr. Matsuura, today’s MC. 
We considered the environment problem using the practical English in Japan.
Japan is among the world's largest consumers of disposable plastics.

2019年04月06日(ESS-E, No.006)


April 6, 2019 (ESS-E, No.006)

Because of my personal business, I could not join today's regular learning meeting in the evening, but I am sure that they had a good one with new members joined.

Attached is the learning material prepared by MC, Mr Noel Russell.

2019年03月28日(ESS-M, No.122)

日 時:3月28日(木)午前10時30分~12時
場 所:尾道グルーカルラボ(
テーマ:5G 無線技術とは?(


March 28, 2019 (ESS-M, No.122)

Today’s Free English learning session (122nd) :
Day & Time:10:30~12:00 on March 28th (Thursday)
Venue: Onomichi Glocal Labo (
Theme: What Is 5G Wireless Technology?


It seems the technological progress and improvement never stops. What is important is for what and how we use it.  It may be fallen in the business trap for the general people to chase the new technologies blindly.

2019年03月16日(ESS-E, No.005)



March 46, 2019 (ESS-E, No. 005)

The 5th learning session in the evening course was emceed by Mr. Kurotobi with the talking theme 'Blood Types'. The personalities written in the article were not all the same as the members'. 

What is important is that we try to improve the bad personalities into the good ones and to make the good ones better if we have, I felt personally. 

2019年03月14日(ESS-M, No.121)


March 14, 2019 (ESS-M, No.121)
Today's English learning session was emceed by Mr. Fuke, who began participating this year, according the following resume with his careful preparation.
1. Quiz about the world population
2. What’s new
3. Traveling words with phrasal verbs…/4687812.html
Changing MCs by turns seems to make the sessions more refreshed each time.

2019年03月02日(ESS-E, No.004)



March 2, 2019 (ESS-E, No. 004)

I emceed the session with the talking theme of ‘Asian Cuisine Fastest-Growing in U.S.A’.
I asked all of the members with two new ones to introduce their favorite food, drinks  and so on.

After the lecturer on Skype showing up, main conversation topic was their favorite fruits in Japan and the Philippines. 




February 28, 2019 (No. 120)

We talked about how the current era name of Heisei was decided and our interest in or prediction of the possible new era name that begins to be used in May 1st.

We also showed how the 30 years of the Heisei period was to each of the members.

2019年02月16日(ESS-E No.003)


Two days after Valentine's we had a free English learning meeting with 3 new members and a guest on Skype at Free English Speaking Society in Onomichi. 
The talking theme the MC chose was ‘Love and Chocolate’.





February 14, 2019 (No. 119) 
Both sessions in the morning and in the evening happen to be in the same this week, being held as scheduled on Thursday (14th ) and on Saturday (16th ) respectively.
The themes for discussion today was 'Finland Named World’s Happiest Country' and that is  'Love and Chocolates' on 16th (Saturday), 

In the 'What's new?' session,  I showed 'STEP 1st Graders' Network in Japan'英検%EF%BC%91級者ネット/

2019年02月02日(ESS-E No.002)


February 2, 2019 (ESS-E No.002)

Mr. Noel Russell from New York, now living in Onomichi, emceed the session using the topic 'A (brief) history of Australian food', which is his professional field. 




January 24, 2019  (No. 118):

The session was held yesterday on Jan. 24 from 10:30 to 12:00 with a new member joined.

The learning session was successfully emceed by Ms. Y for her first time in spite of her tension. 
She prepared the article of “Saori Yoshida retires with head held high” as a reading and discussing material.

I showed the encounter with the Olympic gold medalist.
He is Samuel Wansiru, the Kenya’s first gold medalist in the men’s marathon at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
I met him and talked for a short time in Nairobi, Kenya in September, 2008 only a month after the Olympics. 

2019年01月19日(ESS-E No.001)



January 19, 2019 (ESS-E No.001)

The newly added free English learning course in the evening was started on Jan 19th as scheduled. The first learning session was emceed by Mr. Kurotobi, a representative of Onomichi Glocal Labo, as reported in the local economic magazine attached.

For further information, please visit the following site.



January 10, 2019 (No. 117)

Regular and new two different Free English Learning Sessions in Onomichi:
The regular session, the first one in the new year of 2019, was held as usual at 10:30 tomorrow on Jan 10th.
The session was emceed by Mr. Kurotobi of Onomichi Glocal Labo with the prepared reference titled “Rake it in” for our free discussion in English.
All the members showed how they spent the holiday season and the new year resolutions in English.
And the Yomiuri Newpaper visited the meeting to cover the newly added English learning course in the evening to be opened on Jan 19th for those who cannot attend the morning or afternoon learning courses.