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無料英会話道場 例会の様子 2013.07.11 動画(OCTV)でのご紹介はこちら


無料英会話道場主宰者へのインタビュー内容 2014.01.20

          広報おのみち 掲載 2014.04.10
広報おのみち 掲載 2014.04.10

朝日新聞 折込地域ニュース 2014.07.17

中国新聞・尾三ニュース 2014.12.26

読売新聞・備後版 2016.05.16

Here comes RCC Radio Car! (2)
The attached are the record on October 27th 2016 uploaded on the Internet by the live broadcasting staffs. (We had 3 absentees.) Those can be seen at the following site as well.


Followings are the manuscript and some pictures of the televised video on December 19, 2016 on Onomichi Cable TV.