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Title Used
Can You Name the Four of the Healthiest, Tastiest Spices?   
Chinese Expand Global Real Estate Buying   
European Space Agency Plans a ‘Moon Village'    
Japan Competes With China in ASEAN Role   
Genetically Engineered Foods Considered Safe   
Chinese Businesses Struggle as Economy Slows   
Missing Japanese Boy Found Healthy and Hungry   
Indoor Farming Industry Is Growing Fast    
Could Have, Would Have, and Should Have   
Scientists in Poland Work to Save Honeybees   
Early Bedtime for Young Children Could Cut Obesity Risk   
New Company Plans Very Small Electronic Medical Treatments   

Regrowth of Heart Muscle May Be Possible 

After 19 Years, Japan Has a Sumo Grand Champion    
More Adult Children in the US Living with Parents   
Running in Cold Weather Improves Performance   
Can Burnt Toast Give You Cancer?   
California Study Finds Moon is 4.51 Billion Years Old   
Scientists Create Method to Test Food and Drugs for Purity   
WikiLeaks: US Intelligence Can Use Electronic Devices to Spy   
Space Tourism and Business Looking Up   
Lessening Effect of Robots on the Human Work Force   
One Man’s Effort to Guard the US-Mexico Border    
International Students Face Similar Challenges in the US   
Polish Engineers Make Air-Cleaning Device   
It’s a Boy! April the Giraffe’s Baby Is Born   
Discovery of More Chinese Ships Adds Pressure on Malaysia to Respond   
Are Your Clothes Causing Pollution?   
 Is a Flying Car in Your Future?    
 Your Bones Are Alive! Learn How to Keep Them Strong   
China Heads New Alliance of Asian Universities    
Plastic Eating Worms May Cut Pollution   
Three Americans Share Nobel Prize in Medicine    
Refugee from Ethiopia Becomes Rich in the US    
5 Habits of Very Successful People